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Designing customised Software to meet your changing Market,
at a price you can afford.

Unique Solutions

No we dont resell software. Everything is created for you from the ground up. Solutions that work for you and only you.

Great Performance

You own the code and have access to the code, and can use it with other branches. We always charge per hour for work done.

100% Customised Systems

Gain control of your business. Have systems that reduce administration time, save you costs, and make you look good. Impress your clients with your efficiency.
We are Cape Town based and love meeting new clients in their work environment, so we can recommend new ideas. Call us : 084 484 2773

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Scalable on Devices.

Your Software can be used on any device

In todays changing environment you need an administration interface, that works where you work. Whether you work on the road on an andriod device or in the office on a desktop, our systems enable you to retrieve your data effortlessly.

Smartly Coded & Maintained.

Powerful Performance

We code on Microsofts .Net Architecture, using modern, advanced code, with our uniquely designed data systems to speed up the coding. This means quick results, which are brought soon to testing by your staff, and an evolving platform as your staff recommend changes.

Flexible & Customizable.

Truly Multi-Purpose

We are up to date with the latest technology, always looking for ways to help you communicate with the world, whether through the Web, WhatsApp or Email

Unique Solutions for your business

You have a unique business and you need a unique solution for your sales and administration needs.

Website optimised for Sales

How well is your website optimised for sales. Does it draw your future client forward, with the right amount of motivation to complete payment

Client Feedback

Does your client gain instant feedback from your Website through emails and SMS so they can be encouraged to complete the next phase.

Data available

Is the data captured on your website instantly available to all your staff, not just the IT support staff, and can they act on it.

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Client Follow Through

Does your client instantly know the progress of their job request by referring to their online order.

Endless Possibilities

Complete control on each & every element that provides endless customization. We design what you need that works for you

Action your thoughts

If you have an idea it can be coded. Just talk to us and let us do it quickly and effortlessly

Easily Understandable & Customizable.

Tony Goy explains what Ddesign can do for you

Tony Goy is the founder of Ddesign. In this video he explains what we can do to assist you through customised coding and design.

Responsive Layout

Powerful Layout with Responsive functionality that can be adapted to any screen size.

See whats happening

Our systems enable you to keep tabs on your business. Know how many jobs are outstanding, which staff members are not keeping up, and which orders need to be delivered.

Solid Performance

We have had many years of experience so we know which servers to use to guarentee solid up time. We know how to make offices work, and to utilise programs that your staff are familiar with such as Excel, to provide high level productivity.

Photography & Video

The right images are vital to your business. Ddesign does its own photography and video, providing professional class editing to provide you with video and photographic services. This includes product promotion, photo shoots and the like. All our main websites that we have designed contain original photographic work, creating a unique South African look and flavour

Sound Mixing

Ddesign are experts in providing high quality sound for your videos, that indicate professionalism in all video's undertaken.

Endless Possibilities

Complete control on each & every element that provides endless customization possibilities.

From Thought to Action

Most companies take forever to change your thoughts into actions. Ddesign prides itself in the quick way that you can have an idea, and we can produce a result. We never talk in months, we talk in weeks or even days.

Loving what we do

We love what we do so it makes us good at what we do. There is nothing so exciting as a customised system that works for you.

Document Handling

We are specialists in document handling, and retrieval. Do you need to store documents online and retrieve them or make them available to your clients, we are those that are able to do this for you.

Past and Present Projects


Optimised for Mobile & Touch Enabled Devices.

Are you intending making extensive use of Smartphones while on the road! No problem we will customise your website portal to work easily on your android phone

We are in a changing world. The idea of trying to make someone elses software to work for you, with your unique requirements is passing and being replaced with unique code for your unique needs.

What Our Clients Say?

Customer Testimonails

Tony Goy from Ddesign has designed and coded our website, our mobile site and our inhouse front end database. He is a true full stack developer with one of the most creative IT minds in the business. He has pioneered many unique systems for my businesses such as mobile phone registrations, fingerprint signatures and multiple page pdf. consolidation as well as one click uploads. Tony was instrumental in designing the online company registration system which was used by 3 major banks in South Africa as well as the unique drag and drop shareholder program as used by ShareVault.

Douglas van der Merwe SwiftReg
Customer Testimonails

We have been working with Tony for a number of years now, and so far there has been no idea that he has not been able to convert into a functioning system! Tony has designed a tailor-made student record database, and an interactive assignment submission portal that has assignment upload, assessor and moderator capabilities, and keeps track of both student assignments and portfolios of evidence. All queries are dealt with in a professional and timeous manner. We have no hesitation in recommending his services.

Susanne van Niekerk Director Montessori Centre South Africa

Why choose Us

Many IT companies, charge about as twice as much as we do per hour, expect half the project to be paid for up front, and take a year to produce anything you can use. We will have something up and running in a week, (the first release, without all the specs completed) and you can comment immediately. Your staff can give input and you might even be able to start data capture. You pay for the hours completed in the month at the end of the month.

Our Mission

To design excellent working solutions which your staff will enjoy using and will save you money. To make certain that they are 100% stable solutions, that will take your company into the future.

What you get

In-office interaction with you, your company and staff to find the best solution for your business. You get a team of people working on your solution and making it happen for your company.

Meet Our Team

John Doe

Tony Goy

Owner/Software Engineer
Colleen Goy

Colleen Goy

Masibulele Sukazi

Masibulele Sukazi